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We are delighted that thanks to generous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland,  donations from kind supporters and money raised after a great deal of hard work, we have achieved our goal of making the church wind and watertight for the foreseeable future.   There is nothing much to show for all the work except smart painted gutters and repaired downpipes, but high level repairs were always going to be visually unrewarding, and the best we can say is that we have prepared the building for the next stage of the project, with planning for this taking place over the winter.

However there are two hurdles to cross before we can plan with confidence:  the first of course is to raise enough money, and the second vital part of the planning is to exclude the bats from the building.   We cannot expect the community to use the building with pleasure if bats are flying about above their heads!  The health and safety issue is paramount, but the damage they are doing to the fabric of the building and its fixtures and fittings is very depressing.

We have applied to Scottish Natural Heritage for an exclusion order:  watch this space!


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